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Sat., April 20, 2013

Gun answer is extreme

A thief is stealing your car and, to protect it, you shoot out the back window and mess up the interior with the thief’s blood and brains. The car leaves the road and takes out your neighbor’s garage.

How much is your car insurance deductible, $250? So you just wrecked your car, your neighbor’s garage and ended a human life over $250.

This is the solution that the National Rifle Association and gun worshipers have for theft. Well, that’s one heck of a cure. Yes, all we need is a bullet for each car thief. One sure cure for shoplifting would be to arm the store clerks and have them shoot anyone in the act of shoplifting. Cleanup on aisle five.

When all you can think of is a gun, every person is a potential criminal, and shooting them is your only solution. You claim to be pro-life, but buy a gun to shoot thieves. Following the Muslims’ Shariah law, why not get a couple of friends to help you hold the thief and cut off his hand with a knife? The Christian, conservative, NRA solution for car theft is much better. It’s a bullet to the head.

Pete Scobby


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