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Sun., April 21, 2013

Solutions to debt

Our nation is broke and the federal government incompetent and attempting to deceive us concerning the danger of debt. There are so many obvious examples of waste, fraud and abuse, it is disgusting. Additional economic dilemmas include government guarantees for student loans and subsidies for businesses, which increase cost and inflation.

The government is devaluing our savings and increasing our debt by the minute. Every sane adult knows that you cannot spend 40 percent more than your income long-term. This has been possible through borrowing and printing. Serious financial professionals have been warning us about a financial failure that will result in increased interest payments on our debt, underfunded programs, high unemployment and violence in the streets.

The federal government is too large and spends too much.

Solutions: Balanced budget requirement, simplified tax code and some form of term limits.

If the professional politicians find it difficult to cut the budget, invite a group of low- and middle-income women to have a shop for their families to give them direction.

Parties are playing political games with the budget to gain leverage in the 2014 election. Where is our Ronald Reagan or Margaret Thatcher?

My apologies to the few sincere, hard-working members of Congress.

David Hamer


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