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Mon., April 22, 2013

Control unstable people

Now that the gun control legislation seems doomed, it may be time for the government to get down to registrations that also pertain to the problem.

Let’s require individuals who are deemed anti-social and show signs of violent behavior, according to professionals such as teachers and doctors, be reported to the police, to be included in the databank for gun and/or ammo purchase requests.

These types of individuals, who mostly have been prescribed medication for their condition, are another common factor in the mass shootings. If they had been registered, maybe these shootings could have been averted.

The problem will be the ACLU and other bleeding-heart liberals will scream that these people have individual rights, which is true. But those who lost their lives in the shootings had the right also to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

There is no fear of this registration ever happening due to the inability of our current legislators to reach a middle-of-the-road consensus that would benefit all.

Jim Cole


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