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Manning a true patriot

I am writing in response to Amy Goodman’s April 12 column in The Spokesman-Review about the case of Bradley Manning. As an American citizen, I am moved by the actions of this brave young man who, despite being imprisoned in what the United Nations declared “cruel, inhumane and degrading” conditions, had the eloquence to state his reasons for leaking not only a trove of classified documents to WikiLeaks but also a video of a helicopter gunship shooting at a van in Baghdad and killing 12 men, two of them Reuters reporters.

He was appalled with how the crew dehumanized the victims, and stated that he hoped the release of these documents would spark a national debate about the United States’ military and foreign policies. I hope it does too, Bradley, but unfortunately your story has been buried by mainstream media as they move onto the next crisis.

Just know you have done this country a great service and are a true patriot.

Nicole Bower



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