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Tue., April 23, 2013, midnight

Voters make bad choices

I’m appalled that American voters continue to send to their federal and state legislatures persons so frighteningly ignorant of the supreme law they almost mindlessly swear to uphold. The disastrous effects are obvious.

But should we be surprised? Almost to a man, today’s politicians are products of a grotesquely socialist-oriented education system. For all their initial “public service” intent, most lack solid roots, and easily become as political millstones around an already-drowning people’s necks.

One glaring, current example here in Idaho? Obamacare. “Conservative” Republican Gov. Butch Otter buys into, and consigns us all, to the death of it. Nor did this year’s Legislature accomplish anything to counteract.

Moscow area legislator Dr. Dan Schmidt, apparently representative of all too many of his colleagues, published a guest editorial titled “Unfinished business,” lamenting the Legislature’s failure to pass a proposal he purports would improve health care for Idahoans and also help our economy.

Just one problem: Legislating health care is not part of government’s job description. First, please go back and get a real American education (if you can still find one). Wake up, Idaho! Totalitarian world government is coming fast, under which life will not be pretty.

Carol Asher

Kamiah, Idaho

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