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The Slice: Could be an indication of an old-growth forest

You could never guess what made me wonder about this.

How much hair do you pluck off your computer keyboard? A) Enough to make you wonder if you are going bald. B) None. C) A clogged shower drain’s worth. D) Don’t know. The keyboard is the same color as my hair. E) Does cat fur count? F) This topic is disgusting. G) Other.

Slice answer: “The last time I was carded before purchasing alcohol was last week,” wrote Mack Stanhope. “But it was just to see if I qualified for the senior discount.”

Small World Department: “While we were in Rome we found a Spokesman-Review canvas paperboy delivery bag for sale in a shop near our apartment,” wrote Sue Chapin.

Slice answers: “If I lived within 25 miles of major league sports I would probably buy season tickets to Major League Baseball,” wrote Barry Bauchwitz. “I grew up an avid Dodger fan (thanks in large part to Vince Scully). No other sport has the history, characters, folklore, and anecdotes that baseball does. Some people claim it’s slow and boring but it’s truly an American pastime. Two things that make it so different are that the defense controls the ball (this is unusual in sports) and there is no time limit.”

On the other hand, Mark Johnson and Lou Sachse said having big-league teams nearby would not solve the problem of ticket prices.

Close enough: A recent reference in The Slice to the LinkedIn online network prompted someone Cheri Moore knows to ask, “What’s Lincoln?”

Slice reader Judi Durfee’s favorite book: “The Girl, the Gold Watch & Everything” by John D. MacDonald.

To be continued.

Today’s Slice question: What do you say when you discover long-forgotten leftovers in the back of the fridge? A) “Uh oh.” B) “Caitlin honey, could you fetch me the haz-mat suit?” C) “No sudden movements.” D) “Someone open the back door, please.” E) “It’s gonna blow.” F) “Anyone want to guess what colors of mold we have in here?” G) Other.

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