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Theological convenience

Regarding the April 13 Today section article, “Catholic concepts in a secular world,” I was very dismayed that Margaret Nutting concluded that Scriptural passages had to be put into “context” to make them applicable to today for divisive issues such as gay “marriage.”

After rereading the article, I think a better description of her reasoning is “theological convenience,” to allow “tolerance and encouragement (in the words of her interviewer)” of others. Nowhere in the Bible will we find being nice and tolerant of sin as a tenet of Christianity. Neither will we find that Scriptures should evolve along with culture to make people happy.

The evolved thought of some denominations I have seen so far is tragic. Whereas Christians used to be concerned that they be forgiven of their sins, now many of them want assurance that what they are doing is no longer a sin in the first place. And although the U.S. Supreme Court may rule favorably to gay marriage proponents hearts’ desires (literally), no government can revise the moral behaviors of the Bible in order to make it more convenient to be a Christian.

Vince Roland



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