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Fri., April 26, 2013, midnight

Pass sensible laws

When the National Rifle Association says that “if gun laws pass, only criminals will have guns,” this will only happen if we, as a nation, don’t stand up and demand that guns be taken away from criminals. I don’t for one minute doubt that this task can be accomplished.

I’m a retired schoolteacher. Never in all the years that I taught did I ever imagine that I or my students, fourth- and fifth-graders, would ever be attacked and murdered in our classroom. Are we mad to protect these crazy people who today terrify and riddle our children with bullets, just so gun manufacturers can make tons of money? It defies common sense.

This issue isn’t about the Second Amendment or hunting; it’s about greed. How many more children and other victims will we sacrifice before we come to our senses?

I am a responsible gun owner, and I want my government, which I help elect every two to six years, to do the right thing. I don’t care how many votes it takes; just get the job done.

Please contact your senators and congressperson and urge them to pass some common sense gun laws.

Esther Hildahl


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