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Sat., April 27, 2013, midnight

A reason to bear arms

I am writing a general response to recent events of attempts to alter the rights of U.S. citizens to bear arms. In my opinion, we should be allowed to own firearms and weapons. Not just firearms, but fire arms both semi-automatic and single shot.

The popular liberal opinion on gun laws states that we should take away everyone’s guns, and that if no one has a gun then nothing bad will happen. This, in my opinion, seems flawed. If you take away a good man’s gun, and he gives it up at will, what does the bad man do? The bad man hides his gun and will refuse to give it up, because a good man obeys the law and a bad man does not. And when the bad guys are the only ones left with guns, the good people have no way to protect themselves.

We need the right to bear arms more than we might like to think. And recent news events seem to support this. So that is why I am for nonrestrictive gun laws.

Vincent Morelli


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