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KOC unfairly maligned

James Murphy (April 13) has a problem with the Knights of Columbus, claiming they are “an organization, clothed in gaudy attire, which excludes membership on the basis of gender and religious belief.” He can’t be serious.

First, yes the KOC is an organization. What’s his point?

Second, if “gaudy attire” is such an issue to Murphy, then I doubt he attends Broadway musicals, symphony performances, weddings, or any other event where people wear something other than blue jeans.

Thirdly, the KOC excludes membership based on religious belief? Obviously. It’s a Catholic organization. Sort of like how to be part of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir … you actually have to be Mormon. As to their supposed discrimination against women, the KOC is an organization for men. Just like there are women’s organizations both secular and religious. If I tried to get into, for instance, a women’s soccer league, I wouldn’t make it; I’m not a woman.

To put it another way, take the Canadians. We all love them. Their accents are cute, their syrup is yummy, but we don’t let them vote in our elections. Why? Because they’re not Americans; they don’t meet the requirements. How discriminatory we are.

Chris Reichert

Athol, Idaho


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