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Resurrect safe feeling

What is going on with our world? It’s like there is no safe place anymore. There are movie theater shootings, school shootings, marathon bombings and 10-year-olds being tried for murder. It seems like everywhere you turn there is news about some terrible event that has taken place.

There are just not that many places that give you that “I’m safe” feeling anymore, and many people strive for that feeling. You go to a movie or a regular schoolday and you have the chance of getting shot. You go to run a marathon and you, your loved ones or community members could get blown to pieces.

I think that our nation needs to work as a whole and come up with a solution that will stop all these things without taking away our privacy. Privacy is a right, and no one can take it away. So, as a whole, we need to come up with a solution to stop the violence and get that safe feeling back.

Peighton Colliver



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