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Minimum wage is just that: minimum wage; minimum skill. Minimum wage is an incentive for a better job, schooling, improving your life. Minimum-wage jobs aren’t careers. They are for students and retired people. Teenagers working after school do not need $16 an hour.

If you plan on having a family, you should do just that: plan. It’s not the government’s (taxpayers) responsibility to ensure you make enough money. It’s yours.

My husband and I both worked minimum-wage jobs while he attended school. Yes, it was hard, but we worked hard, saved our money and eventually bought a house and a small business.

In an April 9 article, Gail Hammer says low-income workers develop an attitude that the system isn’t fair. The system isn’t responsible for you.

Isaiah Day says he works part time. He could get another job (they are out there, you have to look), or learn a skill. You have to work hard if you want more.

Also, if minimum wage was raised to $16, Day still wouldn’t be able to buy the things he wants, because the price of everything else goes up along with minimum wage.

Julie Lee



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