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Sun., April 28, 2013

Fascism analogy works

The April 21 letter from Kathryn Lee states that she is offended by the phrase “gun Nazis.” She seems to miss the point, as Doug Belcher’s comments were aimed at the Nazis’ denial of rights to ordinary citizens. This included the right to own weapons, freedom of speech, freedom of worship, differing political affiliations, etc.

Would Lee, had she lived in Germany during the 1930s, been equally offended by the fascist caricatures of Jews portrayed as being heavy-set, bearded men with big noses and crooked teeth robbing citizens of their savings?

If she wants a more current example of group generalization, she only needs to look upward on the editorial page of any newspaper. It would seem, according to political cartoonists and the media, that all gun owners, whether they belong to the National Rifle Association or not, are all arsenal-toting, flannel shirt-wearing rednecks who drive open-back pickups.

Seems to me that Belcher’s analogy is pretty spot on with what the U.S. government is trying to do.

Gerald Barnhart


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