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Sun., April 28, 2013, midnight

Let’s try liberty

Let’s bring back liberty; liberty from oppression on our way of life, liberty to think what we want, to prosper how we please, and to travel where we desire. Liberty to flourish and to fail without the government telling us no. Let’s try liberty.

You may read this and suppose that you are free. I challenge you to try to build a house, start a business or even opt out of socialized health care without governmental compliance and see how long you stay “free.”

You see, we live with a fiat liberty. We have a sense of freedom, but within a government sanctioned box of allowed “choices.” Confined freedom is not a safety box for Americans; rather governmental intervention is a coffin in which the American dream is being entombed.

There is a purpose for government. Government was intended by God to preserve life. Government was not designed to dictate every aspect of our life.

Thomas Jefferson declared, “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.” Break free from the idea that there is safety in governmental control. Let freedom open your eyes to see that true liberty is the only way we can preserve our way of life. Let’s try liberty.

Ben Anderson

Kettle Falls, Wash.

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