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Sun., April 28, 2013

Senators bought off

A recent news item exposes a dirty little secret that our elected senators would prefer be kept hidden.

It is a list of the 45 senators who recently voted no on expanded gun purchase background checks. Forty-two of these spineless senators received contributions (aka corruption) from the National Rifle Association and its subsidiaries to vote no. This, despite 90 percent of citizens requiring the initiative be passed.

Quite rightly, our president railed against these people being bought and paid for by big money diverting the system of fair and open government, and ignoring the wishes of their constituents. details individual payments. The whole thing is absolutely disgusting.

Before the pro-gun extremists go off half-cocked, my rant is about government corruption, not your sacred Second Amendment and gun control. I own a handgun and shotguns and possess a concealed weapons permit.

Roger Slater


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