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The Slice: Is it in our genes? That would be fitting

Are residents of the West more concerned about how they look in blue jeans than Americans in other parts of the country?

How about Washington residents vs. Idaho residents?

One difference between observing real life and watching TV/movies: People who believe in the rule of law can, when watching scripted drama, find themselves advocating summary frontier- justice executions of certain bad guys. “Oh, for the love of… just shoot him!”

Just wondering: Do you think visitors who have seen the downtown falls only during summer, autumn or winter would believe what the Spokane River can look like in spring?

Sunday Slice contest: Consider a sentence from a Spokane Regional Health District news release. Fill in the blank in an incorrect but entertaining way and you might win a coveted reporter’s notebook.

“Don’t twist or jerk the (    ), which may cause the mouthparts to break off and remain in the skin.”

Warm-up questions: When you encounter an adult who has hardly any dental fillings, do you assume that individual grew up somewhere that had fluoridated water? Did you find that some of the alien characters you found attractive in the various “Star Trek” series did not look as good to you when you saw pictures of them as regular humans without their other-worldly makeup?

Today’s Slice question: So I was going to acquire a couple of rolls of quarters and then go hand out coins to Spokane motorists who clearly were not texting or talking on phones. If laws won’t make people change their behavior, perhaps cash-reward positive reinforcement might do the trick.

I was thinking of holding a sign, so drivers at red lights or stop signs might be more inclined to roll down a window.

This idea goes back so many years that my original plan, in a different budgetary era, was to dispense crisp newsroom-funded dollar bills, if you can imagine.

Anyway, various fair-minded editors have been slow to embrace this stunt. I understand their reservations. But before I cross this off my list forever, let me ask.

Had I approached you at a stop sign, would you have been eligible for a good-driver quarter?

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