April 28, 2013 in Letters, Opinion

Theater is top-notch


Jim Kershner’s April 18 article summed up the situation at Interplayers and made an important point: Live theater is part of the cultural fabric of a community.

We have several community theaters that stage performances ranging in quality from amusing to legitimate art. There is an expectation that a professional theater raises the bar and provides a consistent quality in acting, directing and design.

Although Interplayers fell on hard times after the Welches retired, Reed McColm, working with dedicated administrative staff, has created a major renaissance in the last few years.

Interplayers produced “The Miracle Worker,” with Patty Duke directing. How cool is that? How many other recognized professionals could perform in that space?

When people moving to Spokane wonder about our cultural life, do we offer good community theater only? Or, like Kershner, will they find “provocative live theater without driving to Seattle”?

George Lathrop


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