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Write It Out: Cynicism serves only as an insult

MONDAY, APRIL 29, 2013

In an opinion article attributed to the Chicago Tribune in the April 15 Boomer U section of The Spokesman-Review, the unknown author made a number of observations regarding a segment of our society which saddened and, I must admit, angered me.

The article implied that the boomer generation has essentially been a selfish group always getting what it wanted simply because it outnumbered any opposition.

Introducing new music, changing the voting age and lowering the drinking age were cited as examples of the boomer generation dictating to society what it wanted. The author then made a leap to warn the younger generation that this insatiable greed may eventually include demanding more time of their children.

Indeed, the author gave warning to the younger generation that in China, where “Chinese culture has long placed a heavy emphasis on respect and care for parents” and laws have been passed which require family to visit their elders on a regular basis. The premise of the article seems to imply that the greedy boomers will also expect attention from their children, and their children better beware.

The cynicism in the article was obvious and if directed toward almost any other group would be rightly considered bigoted language. I objected to the article appearing in the Boomer U section due to its cynical nature and its questionable conclusions.

I know that circumstances vary in families which affect the quality and frequency of contact between young and old. But I know I have been blessed to have a loving family which does not view me or my wife a burden needing attention. This love and caring for one another is as natural in our family as breathing.

It isn’t demanded or legislated. It stems from a faith in God, whose love transforms burden into opportunity. However, I did glean a couple positives from reading the article, which I am sure was not intended by the author.

It reminded me that in a country such as China, which seeks to control faith, laws are passed to limit the number of children and also force children to care for their parents. More importantly, I was reminded how much I love my family and they me. I pray that the author experiences that love and that it is reflected in the care of his elders and in his future writings.

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