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The Slice: If it’s Monday, it must be time to discuss Don Draper

Mon., April 29, 2013, midnight

Not everyone wants to start the work week by discussing weekend TV shows.

But there might be better ways to assert that you “have a life” than talking about yard work instead.

Slice answer: At 67, Sally Olson can no longer recall her first WSC/WSU apparel. “More than likely a T-shirt or a bib.”

But she definitely kept Coug spirit in her life. “I have a Cougar antenna topper, WSU license plate holders and a pennant on/in my car. Used to have a ‘WSU Cougar Mom’ bumper sticker until the ‘WSU’ got unreadable and you could only see ‘Cougar Mom’ — too old for that.”

It’s gotta be the shoes: Kathryn Teske, 32, was in a South Hill store where samples of wine were being offered. “When I asked for a taste I was carded and told the reason was because of my sparkly shoes (red glitter Converse). I don’t mind being carded and that reason definitely made me smile.”

Slice reader Sue Plummer’s favorite book: “Blind Your Ponies,” by Stanley Gordon West.

Her book club loved the reading experience so much it prompted a group outing to Montana.

“What are some other books that inspire road trips?” she asked.

Life with pets: “Our cats have designated the keyboard of our laptop computer as the PRIME napping spot,” wrote Glen Hanket in Pullman. “If we leave it open when we walk out of the kitchen, we’ll usually find one or another curled up on it. Worse, they occasionally chance upon the magic keystrokes that will disable the mouse.”

After calling the manufacturer three times for instructions on how to undo the felines’ keyboard mischief, Hanket finally taped a note to the computer listing the steps for addressing that problem.

Now if he would just teach the cats to read, maybe they could make the fix themselves. But of course, once the cats could read they would probably spend all day hogging the laptop to surf for tuna sites and whatnot. And there’s no tech support you can call about that.

Today’s Slice question: Do the younger people who hear you recycle lines from National Lampoon’s “Vacation” — 30 years old this summer — recognize the source of your material?

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