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Tue., April 30, 2013

Check all weapon sales

Reportedly, the United States is the most religious country of all Western industrialized nations. Apparently, many people really believe that our country is based on Christian and family values. So, obviously, there is something seriously wrong with our society, since we are the most violent society of all Western nations. We are leading the Western world, Japan, and most Asian countries in violence committed with guns.

I am a hunter who got his game for the last 10 years with a single bullet. Military-style assault weapons with high-capacity magazines are not needed for hunting. They are not defensive weapons, and they serve no sporting purpose for target shooting.

The purchase and possession of military assault guns, and also of high-capacity magazines, should be illegal. Universal background checks should be required for all weapons transactions, including transactions between private parties.

We, the people, must stand up to the leadership of the National Rifle Association who converted the NRA from a firearms education organization to the new American Taliban.

Juergen Nolthenius

Coeur d’Alene

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