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Jim Kershner’s this day in history

From our archives, 100 years ago

A newlywed Spokane couple awoke from their wedding night to the sight of people bringing sacks full of cats to their front door.

And if that weren’t strange enough, the young Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gray soon began getting calls from people asking to look at their “milch cows.”

It was all part of a prank pulled by their friends, the day after the wedding. Their friends had inserted this ad in the classified section of the paper:

“Wanted: Cats over 3 months old, black preferred. 75 cents to $5. Call Tuesday. 109 E. Liberty.”

“Several parties with a surplus stock of kittens were at the house as early as 6 o’clock,” said the bride, laughingly. “Some of them brought whole sacks of cats. We didn’t stop to investigate, but there were at least three or four in a sack. Boys with cats kept coming at intervals during the day.”

Then there was the other ad, which said, “Fresh milch cow, $25 if taken at once. E109 Liberty.” That ad proved popular, too, since $25 was a sensational price for a milk cow.

The paper reported the young couple took it all as a good joke, and remained cheerful under the onslaught.

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