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Cruz for 3rd District

I am voting for Kelly Cruz, the only independent voice running for Spokane City Council in the 3rd District. As our elections become more partisan, I want a council person who will vote based on what is right, not the party line.

Cruz is the only candidate living in a low-income neighborhood, so he understands the difficulty facing so many residents in the city of Spokane. Perhaps his competitors should spend a day at Cannon Park or walking along the river to see just how many homeless folks we are ignoring in our Near Nature, Near Perfect Spokane.

He also is asking those who make over $100,000 (more than double the medium income of Spokane) to sacrifice around $3,000 per year to bring more police to our neighborhoods. And he, like many of us, is questioning why we need a $14 million bridge when we cannot even maintain our roads (I guess to go along with our $13 million, one-mile road to the University District).

Cruz has a good understanding of the needs facing the city and will spend our tax dollars wisely. Please join me in voting for that independent voice, Kelly Cruz.

Louise Chadez



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