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Fri., Aug. 2, 2013

Biel is ideal for office

I know the refrain that in certain elections one must plug their nose and vote for the least worst candidate. In fact, I have felt that many times myself. That is not the case on Spokane’s South Hill this primary election. We have an incredible opportunity to proudly vote for LaVerne Biel for Spokane City Council.

Biel embodies the ideals of public service. She is humble, incredibly keen and community minded, with the desire to serve, not to advance a career or pad a retirement.

Biel has a demonstrated success in her ability to grow her family’s business in a competitive environment, balance the needs of family, church and civic life and maintain her dignity throughout.

As a matriarch to five children and many grandchildren, she has learned a word that all political leaders need to know: no. She has the strength and independence to stand up to special interests and to sincerely represent the citizens of Spokane.

I enthusiastically encourage you to vote for LaVerne Biel for Spokane City Council.

Brad Stark


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