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SATURDAY, AUG. 3, 2013

Cannon’s the word

Candace Mumm’s political slogan is “Mumm’s the word.” How fitting. That is a phrase we say when we’re trying to get someone to keep a secret. It’s appropriate she uses it to describe her campaign. It’s as though she’s trying to keep her record a secret.

Try to research her positions on issues. You’ll find none. What are her priorities? No one knows. How would she address current problems within the city? Your guess is as good as mine. She mentions she’s the stakeholder manager for the Five Mile Neighborhood. What is that? She touts her time on the Plan Commission, which she sat on for 10 years. What happened during that time? What did she support or oppose? She was on there for 10 years and doesn’t mention a record?

There are no answers available to any of these questions. Apparently, she has lots of secrets to keep.

Her opponent, Michael Cannon, clearly describes his priorities and positions on issues. Cannon makes it clear that we need to increase public safety while getting the most value for taxpayers. He is upfront about his background and ideas for the city. There are no secrets with Cannon. He has my vote.

Tracy Burtness


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