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Pace for positive change

I would encourage any Spokane Valley voters who are concerned with the financial well-being of our city to vote for Ed Pace.

In the previous election cycle, we voted for a slate of candidates we called “positive change” candidates. The incumbent in this year’s election ran as one of these candidates. The problem is that he has not voted in the manner that is in the best interest of us financially.

The positive change council has made many positive changes in regard to the city’s operations, including:

• Creating a budget line item for road preservation with existing tax dollars (no new taxes).

• Not taking that annual 1 percent property tax increase allowed by the state.

• Negotiating a union contract with city workers that is comparable to the private sector.

• Reducing onerous permit process.

By voting for Pace you will be assuring we stay a lean and efficient community government. Please join me in this primary in voting for Ed Pace, and help keep Spokane Valley a great place to live, work and do business.

Joe Collins

Spokane Valley


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