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Rich benefits for firefighters

The July 27 fire safety article was excellent. Getting people for the fire department is not like getting people to sign up with law enforcement. You can see that by the amount of recruits in each category.

I have a friend (unnamed) that retired from the Spokane Fire Department early. I believe he was a captain. Since his retirement, he has been to Africa many times hunting, as well as out of state, and has game heads mounted everywhere. In the late summer, he goes to Alaska fishing for salmon, like I do. He defends the actions of the unions in every case. Post-retirement benefits have to be exceptional.

I can’t feel sorry for any of these guys. Now, being a lawman under the radar for everything is a different breed of cat.

Thanks again for a good article. Good luck, Mayor David Condon. Change is necessary. It’s not easy, but some tweaks must be made in benefits. This didn’t help Detroit, nor the U.S. federal debt.

Nathan Narrance



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