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Season leaders find success in tourney

The Spokane Valley Girls Softball season-ending double-elimination tournament results were at once predictable yet also unexpected.

Regular season champions captured three of the four tournaments, but a couple of teams came from nowhere to reach the finals, one of them winning a title, the other forcing a second game before succumbing.

M.I.S.T. (10-5), which tied for fourth in the 12U league, three games behind regular season champ Chuck’s Girls, knocked off Chuck’s in the second round and then beat them in best-of-two championship games.

In the 14U league, Hu Hot, with just a 3-7 regular season record, stunned M.I.S.T., which had lost just one league game, on the way to the tourney finals. But Testcomm, LLC wrapped up a 13-0-1 season in the title game.

Hu Hot (13-1) didn’t finish unbeaten, forced to two games in the 18U finals, but eventually prevailed over regular season runner-up Dent Guy.

In 10U the two regular season unbeatens met twice, champion UNICEP (14-0) winning both.

18U Tournament

First round: Dick’s Sporting Goods 22, Farrell Spray 11. Dent Guy 16, Spokane Power Sports 6. Mega Wash 16, Blue Rhino 11.

Winner’s bracket: Hu Hot 17, Dick’s Sporting Goods 1. Dent Guy 12, Mega Wash 2. Hu Hot d. Dent Guy.

Loser out: Blue Rhino 11, Spokane Power Sports 7. Dick’s Sporting Goods 11, Blue Rhino 9. Mega Wash d. Dick’s Sporting Goods. Dent Guy d. Mega Wash.

Championship: Dent Guy d. Hu Hot. Hu Hot. d. Dent Guy.

14U Tournament

First round: Testcomm 15, Valley Bowl 0. B-Line Appraisals 8, Dick’s Sporting Goods 7. Hu Hot 8, URM 6. M.I.S.T. 19, Osprey 10.

Winner’s bracket: Testcomm 10, B-Line Appraisals 4. Hu Hot 11, M.I.S.T 6. Testcomm 14, Hu Hot 7.

Loser out: Dick’s Sporting Goods 11, Valley Bowl 1. Osprey d. URM. M.I.S.T. 9, Dick’s Sporting Goods 7. B-Line Appraisals 9, Osprey 7. B-Line Appraisals d. M.I.S.T. Hu Hot d. B-Line Appraisals.

Championship: Testcomm d. Hu Hot.

12U Tournament

First round: Shamus Sandwiches 7, Mussellman 0. V.H.M.C. 15, Dick’s Sporting Goods 11. John L. Scott 18, Sal’s Sluggers 6. M.I.S.T. 21, Chase Honey Company 8. Chuck’s Girls 15, Shamus Sandwiches 9. Hu Hot 16, V.H.M.C. 6. John L. Scott 12, Ameristar Meats 11.

Winner’s bracket: M.I.S.T. 16, Chuck’s Girls 11. Hu Hot 9, John L. Scott. M.I.S.T. 16, Hu Hot 10.

Loser out: Chase Honey Company d. Dick’s Sporting Goods. Shamus Sandwiches 18, Sal’s Sluggers 8. VHMC 10, Mussellman 9. Shamus Sandwiches 14, Chase Honey Company 5. VHMC 12, Ameristar Meats 6. Shamus Sandwiches d. John L. Scott. Chuck’s Girls 12, VHMC 9. Chuck’s Girls 13, Shamus Sandwiches 10. Chuck’s Girls d. Hu Hot.

Championship: Chuck’s Girls d. M.I.S.T. M.I.S.T. d. Chuck’s Girls.

10U Tournament

First round: Aluminum Products 3, Ameristar Meats 0. Whalen Family Chiropractic 15, Dick’s Sporting Goods 13. Windermere 12, Jewell Excavating 5. Early Dawn 10, Leo’s 4. Aluminum Products 14, New Generation Cleaning 13. UNICEP 19, Whalen Family Chiropractic 3. Hu Hot 14, Windermere 9. Early Dawn 18, Testcomm 3.

Winner’s bracket: UNICEP 19, Aluminum Products 8. Hu Hot 14, Early Dawn 7. UNICEP 14, Hu Hot 4.

Loser out: New Generation Cleaning 24, Jewell Excavating 12. Whalen Family Chiropractic 12, Leo’s 7. Ameristar Meats 20, Windermere 2. Dick’s Sporting Goods 14, Testcomm 11. New Generation Cleaning 14, Whalen Family Chiropractic 3. Ameristar Meats d. Dick’s Sporting Goods. New Generation Cleaning 16, Early Dawn 15. Aluminum Products d. New Generation Cleaning. Hu Hot d. Aluminum Products.

Championship: UNICEP d. Hu Hot.

Note: Due to the setup of the championship games, some of the game scores weren’t reported, only who won.


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