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SUNDAY, AUG. 4, 2013

Owl policy unwise

U.S. Forest Service policy regarding the spotted owl is among the many government policies that are making many Americans lose trust in government. In the first instance, the shutting down of many forest jobs in states like Oregon in order not to bother the spotted owl seemed huge overkill. Now, the barred owl has become a predator of the weaker spotted owl.

When I heard of this horrible dilemma, I joked, “Well, the government will have to kill the barred owl.” Guess what? The Spokesman-Review carried a story on July 22 reporting just so. They are sending marksmen into the woods to shoot the offensive barred owl.

Who can believe this garbage policy; trying to correct, or improve, the balance of nature? Beyond this mess, what does it say about the sense of other government policies, like Obamacare?

John Peterson


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