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Sun., Aug. 4, 2013

Thanks for Royal Fireworks

Once again, we in Spokane had the opportunity to slip into the Baroque Era as we heard music from then played from the floating stage built for Expo ’74. For 35 years David Dutton and Beverly Biggs and their sponsors have treated us to this experience, unique in the whole country, not to mention a fireworks display timed to the music that delights the child in all of us.

I haven’t always been able to make this exceptional concert, but whenever I have, I have always been so proud of where we live and of our arts community here.

We owe Biggs and Dutton a huge debt of gratitude for all that they have done to make this happen through the years, through Allegro and other organizations before that. Now, the question before us is whether there is enough local support to continue this worthwhile program into the future just as the Bach Festival, also started by those two, has taken on a life of its own.

Whether or not local sponsors can be found to continue this tradition, “Thank you” is too little to say for the gift of this magical experience.

Kathy Finley


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