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That’s NEWS to You quiz

Sun., Aug. 4, 2013

If you followed the news last week, and maybe even if you didn’t, you could be a winner in our weekly news quiz.

Try our newspaper version of That’s News to You, then go online to for our interactive quiz, where top entries go into a weekly drawing for a $50 gift card to the Davenport Hotel, and all entries this week go into a drawing for movie tickets.

1. Washington state is working on rules for legally growing and selling marijuana to adults, and is one of only two states where recreational marijuana use is legal. What’s the other one?

A. California

B. Colorado

C. Hawaii

D. New York

E. Oregon

2. Julyamsh happened last weekend. What is it?

A. An annual battle of the bands

B. An annual art fair

C. An annual Native American powwow

D. A gathering of survivalists in Farragut State Park

E. An organic gardening festival

3. The Seattle VA saved money when it caught veterans who were lying about

A. Their injuries

B. Their medications

C. Their service records

D. Their travel distances

E. Their medals and commendations

4. A new form of yoga, known as SUP yoga, is gaining popularity in North Idaho. What’s different about it?

A. It’s done with a firearm.

B. It’s done on a paddleboard.

C. It’s done around a campfire.

D. It’s done while fly-fishing.

E. Can’t fool me. People in North Idaho don’t do yoga.

5. The U.S. soccer team beat Panama 1-0 for the first Gold Cup it has won since

A. 2007

B. 1999

C. 1987

D. 1981

E. Can’t fool me. The U.S. has never won the Gold Cup before this year.

To check your answers, turn to page B3.

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