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Voters let country down

After the Tom Foley tribute, I became very disgusted with the voters of our area, voters that actually believed the multimillion propaganda campaign; put out to defeat a man who listened to Republicans and Democrats alike and came up with solutions that were the best for the American people. Foley kept Congress operating smoothly and effectively. Foley was a dedicated and humble servant of the people.

Now look what we’ve got. We have a Congress that’s too polarized to function. We’ve got big egos and small minds. And voters, you did it. So voters, don’t blame Congress, blame yourself. You put these mediocre candidates in office, candidates that don’t have the skills to solve problems.

You voted out one of the greatest statesmen this country has ever known. And for what? For what we’ve got now. In other words, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, out-of-control partisanship, and gridlock.

Voters, you let this country down.

Violet Bradshaw

Spokane Valley


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