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The Slice: Letting her driving do the talking

Paul Turner, Spokesman-Review columnist. (The Spokesman-Review)

Today The Slice presents a transcript of an exclusive interview with the Spokane woman who doesn’t text or talk on the phone while driving.

You won’t believe what she had to say.

Q: So, like, what do you do – just sit there and drive?

A: Yes. Once upon a time that was not unusual.

Q: So if you don’t feel the need to multitask, you must not have much of a life. Right?

A: No. My life is rich, full and complicated in several interesting ways.

Q: But doesn’t a failure to express/share your every thought lead to emotional constipation or blockages of some sort?

A: Not that I’ve noticed. I do enjoy listening to music while driving, though.

Q: So I’m guessing you are not the keeper of the master plan/schedule in your family. Right?

A: We share responsibility. But if I need to contact a family member about running late or whatever, I pull over and park before phoning or texting.

Q: What? But that would delay you by 90 seconds or even more. How can you let your life grind to a halt like that? Who has that kind of time?

A: I manage. Besides, the important thing is to get where I’m going safely.

Q: You are aware, aren’t you, that you might be the only person in Greater Spokane who does not assume he or she can drive perfectly well while sending a text or talking on the phone?

A: Well, a lot of people with ample bodies also believe super-tight clothes are a good idea.

Q: Are legal restrictions one reason you don’t phone and drive?

A: Hahahahahaha. No. I think Spokane is about 10,000 traffic tickets away from anybody giving that a second thought.

Q: Do friends and family regard you as a dinosaur?

A: It doesn’t come up. I try to not be preachy. The only time I make a big deal about it is when I am a passenger and the driver starts texting.

Q: Ever had a fender-bender?

A: Not that was my fault. I keep my eyes on the road.

Today’s Slice question: Among those you know personally, how many still adhere to the same religious/faith traditions that were a part of their childhood?

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