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Thu., Aug. 8, 2013

Congress fails nation

As members of Congress start their five-week summer vacation, the American people can look back with a sense of wonder as to how this Congress has failed to respond to their needs.

With an 83 percent disapproval rating, the 113th Congress is on its way to becoming the least productive in our nation’s history. One has to give Speaker John Boehner credit. He wants this body of Congress to be judged on not how many bills it’s passed, but by the number of bills it repeals.

No problem there, since they’ve only passed 22 bills into law, to date. Fourteen members of the House have yet to introduce a single bill in the 113th Congress. By contrast, one member, Rep. Barbara Lee (D) introduced 34 bills in the current Congress.

Our system of government used to be the envy of the world. It created a thriving middle class, and now it’s become nothing more than a joke to the rest of the world. This Congress has failed the American people. The sad part is that they were more in a rush to start that five-week vacation than they were at doing something, anything, to resolve the country’s most pressing problems.

Joe Speranzi


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