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Thu., Aug. 8, 2013, midnight

Snowden not a criminal

Edward Snowden is not the criminal. He disclosed no information that risks CIA agent lives. He is an honest, ethical guy who has told us about a major crime. Those criminals are now using government power to attempt to convince us the whistle-blower is somehow the bad guy. Snowden also makes the point that what he witnessed is against the law, and that if people wish to make such unlimited and total NKVD-like surveillance legal, the law needs only to be changed to reflect this new reality.

We also need to know that Snowden did not disclose anything that is not already part of the same public record documents that Glenn Greenwald used in his book, “Liberty And Justice For Some,” citing names, dates and cases in which officials were found guilty of spying but then were granted retroactive immunity as persons “too big to prosecute.” I know this sounds outrageous, but Greenwald is an attorney, and knows to make his case based on incontrovertible evidence.

All that Snowden has done is to provide sound-bites the mainstream media can use more effectively than citing text from Greenwald’s book.

Ernest Buckler

Spokane Valley

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