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The Slice: So much more than just a street ‘Entertainer’

FRIDAY, AUG. 9, 2013

It’s Friday, so it must be time for another ice cream truck story.

Today’s comes from Laurie Newell.

“When our son was little, we had him convinced that the ice cream truck drove around playing music for the enjoyment of the neighborhood (although most adults would not consider endless repetitions of ‘The Entertainer’ or ‘Turkey in the Straw’ as enjoyment). He had no idea that the ‘music truck’ was full of ice cream and popsicles until he was about 4 years old when one of the kids at preschool put him wise.”

Amazingly enough, there was no resentment.

“Rather than being angry about this deception, he came home and asked ‘Did you know that the music truck has ice cream in it?’ – as if this had been a recent addition to its former role! We still refer to it as the music truck even with our 2-year-old grandson.”

Reader challenge: Please complete this song lyric in a localized way.

Mammas don’t let your babies grow up to be …

Grand gesture: Convention-goers don’t typically tip the catering crew. But when the Public School Employees of Washington held its annual conference in Spokane recently, the group of bus drivers, custodians and school secretaries took up a collection and presented the servers team from Centerplate with a $1,000 tip.

How would it look around here if everyone practiced zero-watering landscaping: “Lots of knapweed and other noxious flora,” wrote Bruce Werner.

But he noted that it might be good for those selling used goats and sheep.

Operating systems: Steve Webbenhurst was trying to explain romantic relationships to his two college-age sons. “I told them they were like the hard-drives of a computer, but girlfriends were like the keyboards (and control everything).”

Today’s Slice question: Do you feel a spark of kinship with someone when you discover that you both go to the same dentist or hair stylist?

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