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FRIDAY, AUG. 9, 2013

Twohig article pointless

It was an odd, and ultimately pointless, article presented to us Aug. 4, “City holds firm on hire.”

Instead of exploring and explaining for us why the Greene Street Bridge estimate came to be so wrong, he focused on what can only be described as a petty witch hunt.

In Nicholas Deshais’ own words, “the pricier-than-expected project to strengthen the Greene Street Bridge was underway well before (Kyle Twohig) was hired.” Further, not one of the people interviewed for the article shared Deshais’ concern and outrage at Twohig’s lack of an engineering degree; in fact, they all stated that he was hired for his management skills, which the job specifically required.

What seems outrageous to me is that Deshais went to great lengths to explain that Twohig owns a coffee shop, but gave us absolutely no details on the “construction projects in the Seattle area” that Twohig helped manage.

Sadly, the real story regarding the bridge project – how the consultants managed to get the estimate so wrong – never got reported. And that information would have had some interest value. Instead, we were presented with cynical innuendo dressed up as investigative journalism.

Please give Deshais his own opinion column where he can air his speculations. Then put a real reporter on to cover City Hall.

Mike Scott


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