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Help those who suffer

It’s easy to love beauty. This was not beauty. She was soaking wet, looked disheveled, abandoned. She is someone’s daughter, perhaps a wife or mother? I began to cry when I recognized her. She was me. She was my future if I couldn’t maintain my recovery.

I lost my husband, my kids, my job, my hope. People stopped calling. The line I heard a great deal is, “I don’t know what to do to help.” I don’t blame anyone. I didn’t want to be dealing with serious mental illness either.

There is hope for me. Some people still see beauty in me. I see beauty in me. But who will hope for her? Who will care for her? We do not get to decide who is worth fighting for and who is not. Do not turn your back on the darkness of mental illness. Join the fight for those who suffer. You can change a life simply by believing in someone who needs your hope.

Sherry Suzanne Garman



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