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A-Rod calling it ‘fight for his life’ offensive

On Monday, Major League Baseball suspended Alex Rodriguez for an unprecedented 211 games. The suspension was the result of an investigation into allegations the top-ranked ballplayer used performance-enhancing drugs.

A-Rod’s response was that he will appeal the decision and that he was in a “fight for his life.”

How dare you use such a statement, Mr. Rodriguez? Are you so self-absorbed that you are unaware of the fact that millions of people are in actual fights for their lives?

I personally have lost my father, both grandfathers, two uncles and my first wife to cancer. And twice the disease has tried to take my second wife. So, to hear someone who stands to lose virtually nothing compared to those who are in “real” fights for their lives say “I’m in a fight for my life,” fills me with indignation. 

If he is guilty, A-Rod should be suspended for life. 

Devin Barber



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