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Sun., Aug. 11, 2013

Clark illuminates arrogance

My dismay was subsiding regarding the troubling management decisions made by Mayor David Condon’s administration involving reorganization of the city engineering department. It seemed dubious that a non-engineer had been appointed to lead a department resplendent with seasoned, professional engineers. And the chosen non-engineer candidate for the position apparently lacked any notable management experience. As the days passed, I had ceased to ponder the outrageous city explanations regarding this unfortunate management decision.

But Doug Clark’s Aug. 8 column reminded me. And I was reminded of Jan Quintrall’s arrogant and dismissive remarks regarding the stellar engineering candidates in the city’s employ. This letter is written for the sole purpose of reiterating those remarks. They were so offensively insensitive they must be heard again.

“Engineers are engineers. They’ll engineer things to death. I have engineers out my eyeballs.” That is what Quintrall is reported to have said.

Thank you, Doug, for reminding me. “I have engineers out my eyeballs.” There is no need to point out to discerning readers of The Spokesman-Review the things that are wrong, on so many levels, with Quintrall’s statement of her hiring priorities, and with her ignorant and patronizing assessment of the city of Spokane’s professional engineers.

Charlotte Thacker


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