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Sun., Aug. 11, 2013

Compassion misdirected

The 5th Congressional District, otherwise known as “Paradise Island” for Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers and her big supporters, the large farm corporations, whom she fights for to see their unneeded subsidies (our tax money) continue while fighting to eliminate food stamps, Meals on Wheels, and programs that serve the poor, hungry children, disabled, seniors, and the less fortunate, whose wishes she ignores.

McMorris Rodgers, House Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan should spend some time in the shoes of these people and be denied these necessities for a period of time. I’m sure their outlook would change from “got it made” to “need it now.” Their definition of “justice” would no longer be “just us.”

Thanks for showing the real meaning of your form of “compassionate conservative.” Maybe Michael Ramirez (political cartoonist) can come up with a cartoon that accurately depicts this generous group.

Ed Hollow

Spokane Valley

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