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Pitts is PC police

Most rants published in The Spokesman-Review by Leonard Pitts Jr. spew racist rhetoric, but Aug. 5 Pitts revealed his apparently next most near and dear topic deserving of zealous defense: hatred of Fox News.

Latching on to the recent interview by reporter Lauren Green of author Reza Aslan, Pitts finds ample excuse to spew biased vitriol against the unashamedly conservative news and opinion cable channel. Pitts embarrasses himself by slinging mud at Fox News and Green under cover of defending freedom of speech. I nominate Pitts to head up the national “politically correct” police, as he seems quite comfortable leading the liberal charge in trashing one-half the electorate’s conservative viewpoints in defense of his own liberal tribe that, heaven forbid, might be offended by questions of motive when trashing Jesus in print or otherwise.

Apparently, questions that don’t agree with Pitts and his ilk are now off-limits in an America that seems a lot less free except on those outlets like Fox News and talk radio where the PC police are held at bay, and difficult questions can still be asked and debated.

Alice Galeotti



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