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Stray animals a problem

Over the past month, I have had four cats around my house and the immediate vicinity. It is apparent that some people felt it necessary to drive through our neighborhood and dump their problems on someone else. They are, at the very least, disgusting.

There are places unwanted pets can be taken, and they will be happy to find it a good home. It is also a sad state of affairs when the shelters like SCRAPS, SpokAnimal and the Humane Society do not have the manpower to come get the animals off the street once they are reported. Thanks to dumpers, it is now my problem and responsibility to trap these cats and get them to a shelter before they get run over or die of starvation or hypothermia.

To those out there who want or think they want a pet, it is their responsibility to think it through very thoroughly to make sure that they can handle the enormous responsibility of owning a pet. To those who are responsible owners, as I am, I tip my hat to you.

Ed Sment



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