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Thu., Aug. 15, 2013, midnight

Who says ‘let them die’?

Many Americans insist that the United States is a Christian nation, and that more than 78 percent of us identify ourselves as Christians. If this is so, then can we logically assume that 78 percent of the sick, the needy, children and the elderly are Christians as well? So, in a very real sense, they are your Christian brothers, sisters and neighbors.

Jesus commanded that we should love one another and that we should care for the sick, the needy and the hungry whether they are our brothers and sisters, our neighbors, strangers, or our enemies. What kind of Christian says “let them die” to the elderly, the sick, the poor or their children?

Congress and the president are in the best position to facilitate care for the elderly, the needy and the sick without any organizational quid pro quo. After all, 78 percent of our taxes are provided by professed Christians.

The Affordable Care Act is the nation’s best chance to provide health care for our fellow citizens. Read the Gospel of Jesus and then ask yourselves, “What would Jesus do?” My guess is that he would weep for what has been and is being done in his name.

James C. Lanham


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