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Fri., Aug. 16, 2013

Disturbing powers entrenched

America’s wealth is being consumed by huge complexes funded by the federal government. The military industrial complex, the medical industrial complex and the security industrial complex consume most of our public financial resources. We now fight wars we can’t win and that never end. We use expensive medical procedures and drugs instead of promoting good health and nutrition, and we toss the Constitution when we fear terrorism.

What’s disturbing is that our elected representatives defend the resource-draining industrial complexes because their campaigns are funded by them. The oath of office is to protect and defend the Constitution, but in reality the oath defends the complexes. These complexes now cause more harm than good and have taken over the government that is supposed to control and regulate them.

I fear that my grandchildren will be forced to fight and die in wars started for corporate profits. I fear dying from a medical mistake or hospital infection. I fear terrorism 100 times less than I fear the government taking my freedom and right to privacy.

Why can’t the rich and powerful make their money doing good things? You can build up or blow up society and gain the same amount of wealth.

Pete Scobby


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