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The Slice: Climb Mount Laundry, just ’cause it’s there

Paul Turner, Spokesman-Review columnist. (The Spokesman-Review)

I’ll tell you what the Friday features section needs: Things-to-do listings for homebodies.

You know, options and suggestions aimed at S-R readers who, once having made it to Friday evening, have no real desire to leave their good homes again until Monday.

Sure, homebodies can usually fend for themselves. And, to be fair, there are listings in today’s section geared toward home entertainment. But it might be nice if the newspaper further acknowledged that some people in the Spokane area are serious about hunkering down over the weekend.

You might have your own suggestions. But here are a few possibilities.

Free Stuff to Do in Your Garage: Sort your clutter in blissful solitude. Putter. Decide to leave things pretty much the way they are. Toast your accomplishment with a startlingly cold beer.

7 TV Marathon Options: Check out 12-18 hours of one of the shows you have been meaning to watch. Can be combined with robust taste-tests of the brewmaster’s art.

Messing Around in the Yard: Check on the vegetable garden, frown at weeds and hand-water plants that the sprinklers miss. Woo-hoo! Lose yourself in an extended reverie recalling when you were young and antsy and liked to go places and do things.

Dinner Party Blowout: You are not a misanthrope. There are 43 people you like. Invite some of them over to eat grilled treats, mispronounce wines and praise you for various aspects of your modest personality.

Send Family Members to the Store: You will need to be resupplied. Try to keep your list to under 100 items.

Time Enough at Last: Remember that classic episode of “The Twilight Zone” in which the meek bank teller just wanted to be left alone so he could read but seldom found the time until after surviving a nuclear war? Well, you don’t have to wait for Armageddon. Books, magazines, that stack of newspapers – they’re ready when you are. Go for it. Monday will be here in a blink.

Today’s Slice question: What leisure obsession, annual activity or shared interest is the glue holding your oldest social network together?

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