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Sat., Aug. 17, 2013, midnight

Educate the whole person

To educate the whole person, you must develop fully the mind, the body and the spirit. Are our schools (public and private) doing this?

The mind: Many students don’t graduate. Many can’t qualify for the armed services. Even high school grads need remedial education at community colleges to meet freshman requirements. Science and math skills are appalling.

The body: 30 percent are obese, in poor physical fitness and health.

The spirit: Children don’t know or understand wrong from right. Obedience and laws are requirements of a civil society, not suggestions.

Why isn’t homework required? Why aren’t basic concepts taught? Why isn’t an hour a day spent in real physical exercise? Why aren’t students taught that it’s wrong to kill, lie, steal, cheat, etc.?

Why isn’t civics taught to teach responsibilities of citizenship? Why aren’t apprenticeship programs offered early? Why aren’t students failed and required to repeat subjects until they are mastered?

Parents also have responsibilities to provide educational opportunities for learning at home. Schools alone cannot provide the environment required to raise future citizens and parents. Manners and respect for adults are required of all children.

Bill Miller

Almira, Wash.

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