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Kennewick cover-up

Regarding the Aug. 5 article “History unwritten for Kennewick Man:” That the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers “lost patience” with anyone researching Kennewick Man’s cover-up, perpetrated by paid government administrators, is incredulous.

The Corps made the decision to, in the their words, “preserve” the final resting place by having a helicopter drop boulders onto the muddy shoreline of Columbia Park the same way they drop water on forest fires. Bamboo planted where the mostly complete skeleton had been found made the site a pulverized and non-researchable atrocity.

CBS’s “60 Minutes” aired a report that included footage of the helicopter boulder drop. Contact CBS online. See how hastily the Corps destroyed the site.

If the site would have been properly preserved, the artifacts would have helped determine by now which tribe he was truly from.

It is time the criminal motivation of a few is exposed, and those decision-makers charged with federal crimes, including either the desecration of a Native American grave site or the desecration of an American historical site. The criminals that are guilty of one crime or the other are still loose and they continue trying to intimidate the truth seekers.

The spirit of Kennewick Man deserves justice.

Tim Kippes



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