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Washington records


Spokane County

Marriage licenses

Brian J. Schindler, of Otis Orchards, and Christi A. Dunphy, of Coeur d’Alene.

Sammie L.J. Greenslitt and Mark D. Moeller, both of Spokane.

Richard O. McKnight and Rebecca C. Little, both of Colbert.

Sean D. Souder and Dlisa D. Pettersson, both of Spokane Valley.

Branden G. Carter and Crystal K. Gibson, both of Medical Lake.

Jared M. Ainley and Danielle F. Ainslie, both of Spokane.

John J. Ganley and Karen J. Alford, both of Spokane Valley.

Kathren Bay and Alexis Higdon, both of Spokane.

Caleb J. Peck and Andrea N. Cooper, both of Cheney.

Todd A. Witham and Nicole A. Dixon, both of Spokane.

Michael R. Mosier and Kelsey M. Vance, both of Spokane.

Dean J. Borgford, of Spokane Valley, and Megan S. Cox, of Newman Lake.

Frank K. Kepler and Tiffanie L. Covey, both of Medical Lake.

Beverly A. Braun and Rachel E. Wittwer, both of Spokane.

Taylor S. McMinn and Annetta J. Jerue, both of Greenacres.

In the courts

Superior courts

New suits

Numerica Credit Union v. Howard Hambleton, money claimed owed.

Elche LLC v. Katherine A. Farley, money claimed owed.

Berkeley Row LLC v. Lori A. Dickson, money claimed owed.

Trento LLC v. Benjamin H. Whitney, money claimed owed.

Spokane Merchants Association v. On Point Inc. et al., money claimed owed.

Bank of Fairfield v. Christopher M. Batten et al., money claimed owed.

American Family Mutual Insurance Co. v. Troy S. Grant, injuries/vehicle collision.

Christopher A. Smith v. Eric A. Zito et al., injuries/vehicle collision.

Matthew Holyfield v. George Lawrence III, complaint for discrimination.

Diana Tann v. Mohi V Corp. Inc., complaint for harassment.

AJJ Property Management v. Daniel D. Ford et al., restitution of premises. LLC v. Jamie Boulet et al., restitution of premises.

Moland Management Co. et al. v. Kenneth Beach et al., restitution of premises.

Numerica Credit Union v. Fkson Wesen, restitution of premises.

Black Realty Management Inc. v. Randy A. Pattison et al., restitution of premises.

Ken King v. Brock Nelson et al., restitution of premises.

J.G. Fox Inc. v. Felicia Humbird et al., restitution of premises.

Fourth and Washington LLC v. Dennis B. Lamarche et al., restitution of premises.

Harlan Douglass v. Brad Lykins et al., restitution of premises.

Airway Pointe LP v. Henry Henry et al., restitution of premises.

Airway Pointe Seniors LP v. Kathy Russell et al., restitution of premises.

Marriage dissolution petitions

Black, Ann and Steven J.

Foxley, Richard L. and Paula J.

Nix, Brittany A. and Joey W. Jr.

Walker, Doris A. and Glen E.

Hagan-Monasterio, Jolie J., and Hagan, Kevin T.

Ellis, Desseray L. and Eric R.

Clark, Wendy L. and Michael A.

Tuipulotu, Kierri and Tali

Marriage dissolutions granted

Carpenter, Zachariah and Mary A.

Kennedy, Matthew and Amanda

Bentley, Beth A. and Steven D.

Criminal sentencings

Judge Sam F. Cozza

Andre R. Hallman, 22; 10 days in jail with credit given for 10 days served, after pleading guilty to escape from community custody.

Federal court

Bankruptcy petitions

Terry and Kellie Reynolds, Othello, Wash.; debts of $131,799.

Matthew Roberts, Cheney; debts of $441,800.

Bonnie Sutherland, 5028 N. Howard St.; debts of $8,510.

Raymond and Sharon Kelly, 844 W. Cliff Drive; debts of $269,941.

Jessica Marvin, Cheney; debts of $8,783.

Marvin and Eileen Sisco, Kettle Falls, Wash.; debts of $128,147.

Michael Alderman, Medical Lake; debts of $59,823.

Stephen Rodgers, 757 W. 16th St.; debts of $56,317.

Mireya Ceja, Moses Lake; debts of $297,997.

Michele Naccarato, 1823 W. Northridge Court; debts of $156,171.

Nathanial Brockway, 5707 Burns Place; debts not listed.

Mark Childress, 3910 S. Glenrose Road, and Izabela Childress, Liberty Lake; debts of $46,801.

Kenna Blair, Pasco; debts of $16,038.

Odilion Gonzalez, Moses Lake; debts of $31,703.

Kevin Dickerson, 2820 W. Seventh Ave.; debts of $44,699.

Thurman Harper, 9721 N. Colfax Road; debts of $123,674.

Agnes Siqrist, 3010 S. Pines Road; debts of $68,371.

Lori Childears, Spokane Valley; debts of $26,711.

Tina Distad, 954 E. Ninth Ave.; debts of $748,710.

Bonnie Curry, 2911 E. Wellesley Ave.; debts of $31,604.

Kelly Nicholson, Cheney; debts of $221,518.

Laura Richards, 2123 W. Riverside Ave.; debts of $288,233.

Joe and Janice Phillips, Spokane Valley; debts of $72,993.

Ralph Hunter, 1420 S. Laura St.; debts of $88,649.

Fabian Naranjo, and Andrea Mendez, Pasco; debts of $142,757.

Brandon Cunningham, 7817 S. Cedar Road; debts of $84,489.

Jason Guilherme, Moses Lake; debts of $160,180.

Municipal and District courts

Only fines of $500 or more included unless a jail sentence is given.

Judge Patti Walker

Jeffrey M. Brinkman, 35; one day in jail with credit given for one day served, fourth-degree domestic violence assault amended to fourth-degree assault.

Micah L. Busby, 34; 10 days in jail with credit given for 10 days served, 12 months probation, fourth-degree domestic violence assault.

Bruce J. Reynolds, 50; nine days in jail with credit given for nine days served, fourth-degree domestic violence assault.

Shawn T. Saccheri, 37; 38 days in jail with credit given for 38 days served, 24 months probation, fourth-degree domestic violence assault.

Judge Donna Wilson

Angela M. Presson, 29; $500 fine, five days in jail with credit given for five days served, 12 months probation, third-degree driving with license suspended and driving while intoxicated amended to first-degree negligent driving.

Garrett T. Schwartzenberger, 19; $500 fine, one day partial confinement, 12 months probation, first-degree negligent driving.

Lynette M. Shrofe, 41; $500 fine, 24 months probation, driving while intoxicated amended to reckless driving.

Alexander R. Spangler, 31; $500 fine, 12 months probation, driving while intoxicated amended to first-degree negligent driving.

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