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Mon., Aug. 19, 2013, midnight

History doesn’t lie

Alice Galeotti’s Aug. 12 letter reminded me that every time one points a finger, three fingers point right back. In my thinking, Leonard Pitts Jr.’s columns are accurate and to the point. Two centuries of slavery and second-class status leaves its mark. Who was responsible for that?

In the mid-1940s, while stationed in North Carolina, the church I attended needed a vote to decide if the black janitor could attend the Christmas program. Cleaning was one thing, sitting in the pews another. Consider the vitriol spewed following the election of a black president with, heaven forbid, a Kenyan father.

Being conservative or liberal is fine (I am neither), but spouting inaccuracies or blatant lies as truth is not. I spent many years under a dictatorship disguised as a democracy. The recent changes in voting laws in Texas and elsewhere smell like one election I witnessed in Zaire. Voters had two choices, a green card for the party in power and a red card against. Often no red cards were available. Think about it.

Harvey Polley


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