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Spokane 5-year-old credited with saving dad’s life

STANFIELD, Ore. (AP) — Oregon State Police say a 5-year old Spokane boy may have saved his father’s life after his dad suffered a stroke while driving.

The boy whose nickname is Dax called his mother Sunday to say they needed help, but he could not provide a location.

Spokane 9-1-1 worked with a phone company to learn the phone’s signal pinged on a cellular tower near Stanfield, Ore.

A state trooper called a phone belonging to Dax’s father, Robert Paget, and Dax provided a description of the area, including that a train was passing by.

That detail led troopers to a spot where they knew tracks paralleled the freeway. Trooper John Lombardi saw the vehicle on the shoulder of Interstate 84.

Paget, though in critical condition, is expected to survive.

Dax’s mother, Rachael Bardwell, says her son wants to become a police officer.


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